HVAC Air Conditioning Installation - Residential and Commercial

In today's scenario professional heating, ventilation and air - conditioning service can solve all the difficult problems that occur in the system. Many companies install HVAC systems as per the demand and growing requirements. The workers of the company have used latest tool and equipments, and they always carry them when they go for repairs, installations or maintenance work. For this the work of them is done without any hassle to their customers. HVAC Service Company tailors every commercial or residential heating and cooling unit in order to solve the customer's prerequisites. They can repair or install a single air conditioning unit or large multiple unit, the HVAC Company fix it because they are professional in their jobs.

Design of the air conditioning

The professional HVAC worker designs the system installations as per the building requirements. The designing is depending upon the building constructions. The designing is carefully done as the modern days. But there are vital issues such as energy efficiency, service ability, air quality, durability, flexibility and consistency. The HVAC services San Fernando Valley recommended using variable refrigerant flow that is specially designed to provide a suitable solution in the situation where the increase demand of many fan coils. The heat healing technology gives an ideal aptitude to accomplish synchronized heating and cooling. The team of the air conditioner installation always evaluates your important preceding to any work that is to be inaugurated.

Residential installations

In all over the world, people prefer to use an HVAC system in their homes in order to fight against the extreme temperatures or different weather reasons. This system provides effective and efficient as well cost effective, valuable things in both ways to provide heat and coolness in the home. It gives comfortable and cozy environment in the winter and humidity free and cool environment in the summer throughout the day and night. The filters that are used in the system are helping in preventing dangerous bacteria and dust or dirt particles. It improves the air quality and reduces common health problems like asthma and other allergies.

If you have heating and cooling system, then you need HVAC services. The professional technicians provide proper maintenance and repair service that extend the life of your system. For the maximum efficiency it is must hire a contractor for regular maintenance. Professional and experienced HVAC contractors provide complete services and meticulousness tune - ups to keep you hassle free throughout the year. They also offer special programs in this they provide the professional and cost effective air conditioning and heating inspection and discount offers.

HVAC Services San Fernando Valley provides heating and air conditioning services, repairs and installation for the commercial and residential clients. Our Services are available 24x7.

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How To Correctly Maintain Your AC Unit

An air conditioner's filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases.


The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filters. Clogged, dirty filters block normal airflow and reduce a system's efficiency significantly. With normal airflow obstructed, air that bypasses the filter may carry dirt directly into the evaporator coil and impair the coil's heat-absorbing capacity. Replacing a dirty, clogged filter with a clean one can lower your air conditioner's energy consumption by 5% to 15%.

For central air conditioners, filters are generally located somewhere along the return duct's length. Common filter locations are in walls, ceilings, furnaces, or in the air conditioner itself. Room air conditioners have a filter mounted in the grill that faces into the room.

Some types of filters are reusable; others must be replaced. They are available in a variety of types and efficiencies. Clean or replace your air conditioning system's filter or filters every month or two during the cooling season. Filters may need more frequent attention if the air conditioner is in constant use, is subjected to dusty conditions, or you have fur-bearing pets in the house.


The air conditioner's evaporator coil and condenser coil collect dirt over their months and years of service. A clean filter prevents the evaporator coil from soiling quickly. In time, however, the evaporator coil will still collect dirt. This dirt reduces airflow and insulates the coil, reducing its ability to absorb heat. To avoid this problem, check your evaporator coil every year and clean it as necessary.

Outdoor condenser coils can also become very dirty if the outdoor environment is dusty or if there is foliage nearby. You can easily see the condenser coil and notice if dirt is collecting on its fins.

You should minimize dirt and debris near the condenser unit. Your dryer vents, falling leaves, and lawn mower are all potential sources of dirt and debris. Cleaning the area around the coil, removing any debris, and trimming foliage back at least 2 feet (0.6 meters) allow for adequate airflow around the condenser.


The aluminum fins on evaporator and condenser coils are easily bent and can block airflow through the coil. Air conditioning wholesalers sell a tool called a "fin comb" that will comb these fins back into nearly original condition.


Occasionally pass a stiff wire through the unit's drain channels. Clogged drain channels prevent a unit from reducing humidity, and the resulting excess moisture may discolor walls or carpet.


At the start of each cooling season, inspect the seal between the air conditioner and the window frame to ensure it makes contact with the unit's metal case. Moisture can damage this seal, allowing cool air to escape from your house.


In the winter, either cover your room air conditioning unit or remove and store it. Covering the outdoor unit of a central air conditioner will protect the unit from winter weather and debris.


When your air conditioner needs more than regular maintenance, hire a professional service technician. A well-trained technician will find and fix problems in your air conditioning system.

8 Tips to cool and heat your home

These tips were prepared with the assistance of Gippsland Heating, Cooling and Airconditioning

With the increasing costs of heating and cooling your home, everyone can use a few quick tips to save money while keeping their home comfortable in the heat and cold climates. The following are a few ideas which will help you save a lot of money on cooling and heating your home.

1. You can save money in winter by simply wearing extra layer of clothes around the house instead of turning up your thermostat and taking your shirt off. Set your thermostat at a lower temperature and make the heating system turn on less often.

2. In rooms which you use less, you have to close or block the vents. This will allow the air from being heated or cooled to move more effectively to other rooms of the house which are used more.

3. Use compact fluorescent lights in rooms of the home you mostly use. This produces less heat and allows the home to be cooler when the lights are left on even for a long time.

4. Ensure your home insulation is done properly. The insulation will not work properly if your home has been built 25 years ago. Therefore, check if your home insulation is properly installed or not.

5. To keep the heat off your attic, you can use the products such as radiant barrier. This will be placed under the roof in the form of sheets or sprayed like paint. They block the sun’s radiation from heating the attic and your home stays cool and your electricity will be saved.

6. To keep the cold out of the attic, you have to make sure you have enough blow-in insulation. Many homes are built with only “pink insulation” sheets. With blow-in insulation, you can reduce the amount of heat lost to the attic.

7. All your electronics have to be protected with surge protectors. When you are not using them it will be easy to cut off the electricity to them by turning the switch off.

8. Place a jacket around your water heater. Though they already have an insulation, the extra layer will reduce the amount of loss of heat and it is an easy way to reduce the heating cost of your water.

For more information on being more energy efficient go to: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Energy_Efficiency_Reference/Residential/How_to_Reduce_Energy_Usage

Braemar Ecostar Gas Ducted Central Heater Review

The Braemar Ecostar is a fantastic gas ducted central heating unit available from central gas ducted heating melbourne. One of the many features of the unit is that it turns on in the morning prior to you and your family waking up so you can be assured that you'll be waking up to a warm house and your feet won't be getting cold.

When you are not home during the day it turns itself off and then starts again before you arrive home. So that way you are comfortable every second you are in the house. It even has the ability to heat up to 4 different zones at different temperatures. Say for example you want the bedrooms set on 19 degrees but the lounge room on 21 degrees this Braemar system allows you to do this.

It even allows for integrated airconditioning so you stay cool in the summer. From a safety perspective there are no hotpoints or anything dangerous that a family member can touch.

This system delivers clean heat and is visibly almost undetectable. Your house will have a small control panel and some unobtrusive ducts. No need need chimneys or those awful fake fire places.

So the Braemar Ecostar system really is a fantastic choice for your family.

Learn how central heating works at Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_heating#Modern_central_heating_systems


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