8 Tips to cool and heat your home

These tips were prepared with the assistance of Gippsland Heating, Cooling and Airconditioning

With the increasing costs of heating and cooling your home, everyone can use a few quick tips to save money while keeping their home comfortable in the heat and cold climates. The following are a few ideas which will help you save a lot of money on cooling and heating your home.

1. You can save money in winter by simply wearing extra layer of clothes around the house instead of turning up your thermostat and taking your shirt off. Set your thermostat at a lower temperature and make the heating system turn on less often.

2. In rooms which you use less, you have to close or block the vents. This will allow the air from being heated or cooled to move more effectively to other rooms of the house which are used more.

3. Use compact fluorescent lights in rooms of the home you mostly use. This produces less heat and allows the home to be cooler when the lights are left on even for a long time.

4. Ensure your home insulation is done properly. The insulation will not work properly if your home has been built 25 years ago. Therefore, check if your home insulation is properly installed or not.

5. To keep the heat off your attic, you can use the products such as radiant barrier. This will be placed under the roof in the form of sheets or sprayed like paint. They block the sun’s radiation from heating the attic and your home stays cool and your electricity will be saved.

6. To keep the cold out of the attic, you have to make sure you have enough blow-in insulation. Many homes are built with only “pink insulation” sheets. With blow-in insulation, you can reduce the amount of heat lost to the attic.

7. All your electronics have to be protected with surge protectors. When you are not using them it will be easy to cut off the electricity to them by turning the switch off.

8. Place a jacket around your water heater. Though they already have an insulation, the extra layer will reduce the amount of loss of heat and it is an easy way to reduce the heating cost of your water.

For more information on being more energy efficient go to: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Energy_Efficiency_Reference/Residential/How_to_Reduce_Energy_Usage

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