Air Conditioner Repair Is Where the Jobs Are

Maintenance positions are expected to increase by the year 2024. With hands-on practical skills one can take up new jobs in air-conditioning repair, plumbing and driving that at least can give stable income and living.

But the sector, generally known by the acronym HVAC (for heating, ventilation and air conditioning) has shed lots of jobs -- about 25,000 since 2008, and 1,000 just in October, according to the latest jobs report. Read more...

Getting a job as an HVAC mechanic or installer doesn't require a four-year college degree, but it does usually require post-secondary training and often a certificate -- not to mention a fair amount of skill. This is a common characteristic of what Georgetown University economist Anthony P. Carnevale, in an essay for the Atlantic's CityLab on Thursday, called the new "good jobs." It's the case even in manufacturing, he wrote, as "factories have substituted workers with a high-school education or less for new postsecondary-trained technicians working with powerful information technology."

Energy Efficiency Is Fueling the Economy, Growing Jobs - Natural Resources Defense Council

2016 marks another year in a long string of significant gains for energy efficiency—making efficiency not only the most cost-effective way to meet our energy needs, avoid the need for more dirty power plants, and cut people’s utility bills—but also to grow our economy and create jobs. The uncertainty about policy under the new Administration, and nominations like Rick Perry for the Department of Energy, may lead some to wonder whether this positive trend will continue into 2017 and beyond.

Energy efficiency already accounts for nearly 1.9 million U.S. jobs—ten times more than oil and gas drilling, and 30 times more than coal mining. And the industry itself expects this number to grow by at least 245,000 in the coming year. These are not only local jobs, but good, skilled jobs.

The overwhelming majority of Americans support saving energy wisely in our homes and businesses, and it has long enjoyed bi-partisan support. In fact, a 2016 post-election poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies for the Conservative Energy Network found that 90 percent of Trump supporters ranked energy efficiency as important. See more...


ATTN: President-Elect Trump - Here's An Efficient Way To Create Jobs

Nearly 1.9 million Americans now work in energy efficiency in America. A new analysis (read it here) by business group E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) and energy efficiency group E4TheFuture yields some surprising details about the size and breadth of that workforce.

If they care about creating jobs, driving economic growth and saving consumers' money, here's one industry our elected officials in Washington and beyond should support:

Energy efficiency.

Employment in energy efficiency is bigger than solar, wind or other clean energy fields. It's bigger than sectors like real estate and food manufacturing. Energy efficiency companies now employ about 10 times as many Americans as the oil and gas extraction business and nearly 30 times more Americans than the coal mining industry.

These jobs include cutting-edge careers creating and installing high-efficiency lighting and advanced building materials and insulation. They also include nuts-and-bolts jobs making Energy Star appliances and installing heating and air conditioning systems that also reducing heating and cooling bills in our homes, offices and schools.

In fact, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) companies that are a staple of every city and community in America employ about 629,000 workers who spent at least a portion of their time working on energy efficiency systems, according to the analysis.That makes HVAC companies the biggest sector for workers in energy efficiency related jobs.

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